We care about the environment

We are MPS certified, and are committed to working with MPS to make our sector more sustainable. In addition to our goal of supplying fantastic flower bulbs, we also aim to embody a sustainable model, where the beauty of nature can take center stage and be preserved for future generations. 

We work with respect for nature in every part of the process, from growing to distribution. An example: we use natural methods and ecological principles during cultivation wherever possible to preserve biodiversity and improve soil quality. In addition, harvesting is done with minimal disturbance to the natural environment.

See our MPS certificate here

Sustainability on the workfloor

In our halls, we use natural light where we can, as this is a sustainable and cost-effective resource. This practice greatly reduces our day-time power consumption. Not only does this help with energy savings, it also creates a healthier and more productive work environment for our employees.

We have also constructed a large solar park on our building for our cooling and drying energy requirements. A whopping 2,200 solar panels let us generate almost 50% of our own energy so we can use our machines in a sustainable way. These are a few of the ways in which we promote the sustainability of our business and reduce our carbon footprint. 

We create a positive impact that goes beyond our company by promoting awareness and engaging employees in our green initiatives. In addition, we are continuously implementing energy-saving measures within our operations.

Flowers produced locally

Since we export out flower bulbs abroad, growers abroad can sell tulips, for example, as 'locally produced flowers', which have a more sustainable footprint than flowers flown in by airplane. 

Social commitment

We have been organizing the Tulip Trade Event in partnership with other local businesses for several years now. The event is well attended by current and new relations, from the Netherlands and abroad. During the event, we showcase our assortment in bloom alongside other companies. Afterwards, Nord Lommerse's tulips are sold to local people who are invited to come and pick them. All proceeds are donated to the Hanukkah Children's Home in Ghana. For this initiative, we won the 'Most Socially Involved Entrepreneur' award in 2021. 

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