About us

A passionate family-owned business since 1929

Our carefully selected growers have been cultivating the finest and best flower bulbs since 1929 on the fertile Dutch soil. What started out as a small family business has now grown into a global market leader, operating in more than 45 countries. Our flower bulbs are used worldwide: from global flower producers to parks in China and events in America. The third generation has now taken over the helm, with the same passion and excellence for our craft! 

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Loyal and engaged partner

We have been focused on a strong partnership with our customers from the very start. We actively listen to our customers' needs, working together to create quality tailor-made solutions. What's more, we offer continuous support and guidance throughout the cultivation process with (product) advice and breeding. At Nord Lommerse, we really value trust. Our motto is: 'A deal is a deal'. Over the years, this approach has resulted in an extremely loyal clientele based on trust, mutual respect, and success. 

Experienced and skilled partner

We are known for our broad assortment of tulip and hyacinth bulbs, among others. We also have plenty of experience in various countries and growing regions. Whether potting soil forced or water forced, we are more than able to supply the right assortment with optimal treatment based on customer-specific requirements. 

Thanks to in-house treatment, high-quality knowledge of the bulbs, and a highly automated structure, we are very flexible; can quickly change gears for the seasons, and can supply large amounts on request.

Remarkable Tulips and Markglory Hyacinths

We are an active participant in Remarkable Tulips and Markglory Hyacinths. Remarkable Tulips is a partnership of companies that specialize in growing, forcing, and marketing tulips, with a focus on creating new exclusive tulip varieties. Markglory Hyacinths does the same for the hyacinth market. 

Within these partnerships, we actively engage in breeding new varieties. The result is that we have complete control, from breeding to delivering year-round programmed flower bulbs for professional bulb forcers. 

Royal Anthos

Nord Lommerse is affiliated with Royal Anthos. As a trade association for the flower bulb sector, Royal Anthos represents the interests of trading companies worldwide. The association is driven by entrepreneurs with extensive knowledge of the sector. Nord Lommerse works together with other member companies to optimize sales of high-quality flower bulbs.